Aquamist | Water Methanol System Kit

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Aquamist, the best methanol systems in the world!

For several years Aquamist has been THE reference in car water / methanol systems. Being able to use 100% pure methanol, no other system is as efficient!

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Aquamist Water Methanol System Kit


Product Description

** Please note the HFS4 supports all DI engines under the "universal" option



  • HFS4 complete system
  • Double tank (2x 5Liters ) with baffled
  • 2x Single tank remote venting kit
  • 3 X Nozzles / Injectors ( 1 X 440CC / 1 X 500CC / 1 X 600CC )


This kit is a complete solution and ready to install


In keeping with the excellent integration with the Di engines, the latest HFS4-v3.1 is packed 
with even more capabilities. 

An additional AUX input (0-5V) allows the system to alter flow based on air, exhaust temperature or air fuel ratio. If one of signals exceeds a pre-set level, failsafe will be triggered to protect your engine. The standard turbine flow sensor based failsafe remains.

A “Fast Acting Valve” (FAV) controls the delivery rate based on a PWM signal from the 

HF4 controller. The FAV enables superior linearity and atomization across the entire injec-
tion range. A constant line pressure (160 psi) is provided by an Aquatec pump working 
in the “by-pass” mode. This method is very similar to the conventional fuel injection sys-
tems, allowing wide dynamic range and lighten responses to engine load.

The combination of quality components, superior method of delivery and a precision Di 
signal decoding algorithm, the HFS4-v3 remains to be the most advanced and capable 
water/methanol injection system in the world to date.

Lastly, we have oulined a capability and price comparison chart here against some popular brands. 


 Choosing water/methanol flow for your application:

  • 100% water:  10-15% water/fuel ratio or 0-5-1cc per BHP 
  • M50/W50: 15-20% MW/fuel ratio or  1-1.5cc per BHP
  • 100% methanol: 20-25% methanol/fuel ratio or 1.5-2cc per BHP 

Selecting the correct jet or jets for the required flow: 

  • Calculate the "true" pressure by subtract the 160psi pump pressure by the "boost" pressure
  • Select the jet or jets from "true" pressure from the chart below (compensated).
  • Always pick the next size up or allow 10-15% more to allow more headroom.  

Notes on Direct Port application:

  • Divide the final flow amongst the DP jets
  • Allow one extra jet for IAT cooling, normally twice the size of the DP jet.  (re-calculate DP jet)
  • Ideally the DP jet should have an external or internal check valve to minimise vacuum induced after-spray. 
  • Insert an "high pressure inline filter" before the FAV to minmise the risk of clogging. 
  • Order extra jet adaptors (806-357N) - Std. kit comes with two.
  • Recommend using the aquamist Hex Manifold. (comes standard with all compression fittings)
  • Optional PTFE (4mm) is optional but ideal for combating the heat in the engine compartment. Essential for track or rally events   
  • Keep hose run to the DP jets as short as possible. Not necessarily need to be "equal" length.    



All Turbo and NA Cars