At GBP Performance, our mission is to offer you a wide selection of quality performance parts for your vehicle at the lowest prices in Canada.

We specialize in sales of parts and accessories for your car, truck and SUV, as well as car tuning (reprogramming of the electronic central unit ECU) for several years. Our experts will guide you in your projects.

We are also COBB Pro-Tuner certified in Canada. We have various services available to you, such as custom tuning services on * Dynamometer * (2WD DYNO)

which accurately calculate multiple parameters of your vehicle, as well as the horsepower!

Thanks to our enormous purchasing power, buying at GBP Performance makes you save a lot. GBP Performance displays prices in Canadian dollars, so you shall have neither import, custom, brokerage fees, nor currency conversion and exchange rates.

Note that these fees may be incurred when you shop online from the USA, and
may become unreasonably high once converted into your currency.

With GBP Performance, you will pay less for the same item and still pay in
Canadian dollars!

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal all over the country!

All of our products are shipped from Canada ensuring a fast delivery time (Usually delivered within 2 to 5 business days) without unexpected surprises such as customs fees, brokerage, etc

In summary, GBP Performance offers you the best performance part brands, personalized tuning services and best value home delivery services across Canada!